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Traffic Control Plan.. Do We Need One!!!

General Contractors need to ensure that all traffic control devices are installed and maintained during construction. A Traffic control Plan (TCP) must be established before construction start and shall be incorporated in the Project Construction Schedule.

It shall at a minimum include:

- Identification of personnel responsible for establishing and maintaining TC devices.

- Documentation system for traffic controls to be put into place.

- Procedure to verify on a daily basis the placement of traffic control.

Assigning responsibilities is a one of the key factors for the success of this plan. Without clear description of each worker responsibility, this plan will fail.

For example a worker who is required to direct traffic:

- Shall be a competent person who receives approved training.

- Shall not perform any other work while directing traffic.

- Shall be positioned in a way that workers is endangered as little as possible by traffic.

- Stand at their post, sitting is hazardous because your visibility is reduced.

The Traffic Control workers are also responsible to ensure that the signs are undamaged and clean while in the appropriated distances. TC Workers need to ensure that they stand the correct distance from the work area. Please check the table below taken from Ontario Traffic Manual, Book 7.

Where there may be any obstruction between the two traffic control persons, General Control Traffic Control Workers need to arrange alternate way to communicate. One way is to have a radio system in place to allow the two Traffic Control Workers to communicate without interruption. In case the radio system is not working and the Two TC workers are not in sight of each other, a third TC Worker is required to keep both in view.

Positioning of Traffic Control Workers:

General contractor shall also ensure that all documentation will be at the specific location where the traffic control is being held. When the operation is completed all documentation shall be kept on file and stored for the duration of the project.


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