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How to ensure that a Construction Project is executed successfully

In order to avoid construction claims caused by construction delays, one would be responsible for planning the project, execution, and completion. Schedule planning can help ensure that various tasks like handling individuals and teams to make sure the allocated work is completed on time are executed efficiently. Project execution is the third phase of the project life cycle and also the most important phase.

The main purpose of project execution is to complete the predefined work as per the construction scheduling requirements and to meet all the key project objectives. To execute a project successfully, the Project Manager should focus on managing people, following the processes set, and communicating the information with all key stakeholders involved. This is achieved through construction scheduling management which is pre-construction phase in a construction project. A project can easily fall apart without proper implementation of construction scheduling management and result in hurting your business’ reputation.

Let’s see what strategies that will result in your construction planning leading to your construction project’s success.

Start with the End Result in Mind

A well-prepared list of activities according to the project’s scope and construction requirements should be clear and prepared with the Owner/Developer’s approval. There should be a clear definition of what is to be accomplished while starting the project, including an alignment of strategy with your project final outcomes. Another popular activity that many businesses employ in order to achieve construction success is to envision the completed project and create it through 3D modeling. This leads us to the next important part of construction planning: setting clearly defined goals and objectives.

Clear Goals and Objectives

You should start by outlining the construction project activities that are specific, attainable, measurable, realistic and time-based. Delegate the tasks among the construction schedulers members and make them list the appropriate scheduling activities that will serve as milestones to complete the construction project. Set deadlines for them to achieve these sub tasks and make sure that they are in-line with the construction project’s overall deadlines and critical path.

Build the right Team

It is imperative to have a team of high performing individuals that can work in alignment with your strategy for the construction project. You need to have a team of individuals who can share the same vision as the Project Manager and work perfectly with the other team members. Having a great process setup would be of no use if you don't have the right set of people to implement the project and execute it as per the specifications and requirements of the construction project assigned.

Monitor Progress

It is important to be aware of all the deadlines to take the project forward. Meeting with teams are critical in bringing together the focus to manage the people, communicate information to all key stakeholders and follow the processes. There should be an open line of communication throughout the whole construction project. You should make sure that follow ups occur throughout the construction project milestones.

Critical Path

Break down the construction project into smaller phases and highlight what is critical and what is not. This is a crucial part of project schedule management as it allows you to acknowledge and communicate what should be done in the next step according to the construction project deadline and remain on course for completion on time and circumventing construction delays.


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