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MEM HVAC Remedation

The Mine Equipment Maintenance (MEM) shop, also known as Plant 83, consists of seven shops: Heavy Duty Truck Shop (Heavy Duty Shop), Grader Shop, Tracks and Auxiliary Shop (Tracks Shop), Tire Shop, Light Vehicle Fleet Shop, Heavy Duty Wash Bay, and the Warm-Up Shed. The scope of this CWP includes Grader Shop and is based on mitigating the residual health and safety risks from diesel exhaust, welding and gouging fume exposure that were identified during risk reviews.

The source capture system and ductwork considers the use of flexible exhaust fume extractors that can be installed on the tail pipes of the vehicles. This will eliminate the contaminants at the source before they enter the occupied space

Project Value: $5M

ICM Contractors team of engineers are working side by side to StuartOlson industrial, preparing construction baseline schedule including a short term construction schedule.

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