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News & Publications

This section is to share our recent news on the on-going projects.

ICM Contractors team are very glad to share what's going on in-house from preparations and events related to what we can actually provide from Preconstruction Planning, BIM Modeling, and Construction Management.

Read more about what's going to get your attention that could bring to yourself what you are actually looking for in your on-going or future coming construction project. As well, don't hesitate to contact us if any question should arise, we will be glad to assist.

 CBR High Voltage

It's a coke boiler replacement project and the scope is to engineer, procure, fabricate, modify and erect. ICM Contractors Inc. team are working on side by side to StuartOlson Industrial to provide a 3D Model and construction execution plan to StuartOlson industrial wherein to present to the owner of Suncor who is the work will be executed further according to the duration, requirements, and specifications.

This picture is from the model provided by ICM Contractors on the Coke Boiler Replacement project which will be presented by the contractor to the owner in the next meeting.

GWL Insurance Building

ICM Contractors team are now involved with the Canadian Fire Protection Ltd. with the GC PCL Construction in the GWL Insurance building located at Sheppard Ave.

Marked up drawings are being adjusted according to changes occurred to the original building on the original CAD files for the fire protection system.

Work is successfully delivered according to the operation and maintenance requirements with PCL Construction and Plan Group.

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