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Coke Boiler Replacement

The High Voltage scope consists of the completion of Contractor furnished HV equipment and infrastructure upgrading existing Oil Sands Base Plant HV Systems and linking and interfacing Co-gen PI to 3rd Party infrastructure and the Alberta Interconnected Electric System (AIES, the grid) to support a fully functional new co generation Facility for steam production and power export.

The Project included:

  • Partial GSU substation with 260kV switches within Cogen PI plot area GSU high side to Voyageur substation dual circuit 260 kV (~4~3.8-4km) transmission line. 

  • Millennium to Ruth Lake single circuit 260 kV (~4.5-5km) transmission line. 

  • Relocation of 72kV transmission line near Millennium substation. 

  • Voyageur and Millennium substation modifications. 

  • Interface with ATCO and AIES at Voyageur and ATCO Ruth Lake substations. 

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