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CBR High Voltage

SOI for CBR High Voltage Scope is primarily to engineer, procure, fabricate, modify and erect the following:

•    ~5km of new single circuit 260kV transmission lattice/monopole structure powerline from Suncor Millennium substation/switchyard crossing Highway 63 to ATCO Ruth Lake substation/switchyard

•    ~4km of new double circuit 260kV transmission lattice/monopole structure powerline from the Power Island  ISBL area equipment crossing Highway 63 to Suncor Voyageur substation/switchyard

•    Modification, expansions and integration into existing Suncor Millennium, Voyageur substations/switchyards

•    ROW tree clearing and preparation, full outage planning, permitting, switching and swingover coordination and accountability.

•    Interface point with ATCO at Suncor Voyageur and ATCO Ruth Lake substations/switchyards

•    New double circuit 260kV transmission powerline from Suncor Voyageur substation to ATCO Thickwood Hills substation (by ATCO)

•    Modification, expansions and integration into ATCO Ruth Lake and Thickwood Hills substations/switchyards (by ATCO)

Owner: Suncor

Consultant: ABB

General Contractor: StuartOlson Industrial

Sub-Consultant: ICM Contractors Inc.

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