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Building Information

Modelling (BIM)

Our experience in Building Information Modeling (BIM)

ICM Contractors provide guidance for strategic construction and BIM execution plans. ICM Contractors help clients follow BIM protocols, and aid in settling BIM implementation across building design and construction projects.


Our BIM experts collaborate with your design teams for BIM consulting and BIM implementation services for hands-on mega construction assignments to understand and analyze the requirements closely for quality outputs.


We help construction firms to transform their projects to BIM environment and empower site managers for risk mitigation and cost reduction for entire construction project life-cycle.

Steps that we will provide to prepare your model accordingly

  • Step 1 Reviewing the Current Standard and Process.​

  • Step 2 Planning the BIM Environment: Our engineering consultants, the client and the project team studies the results of the current documentation and drafting process. The process is broken up into two modules. The BIM Environment: Identification of components in the documentation, which are repetitive and require conversion into families, libraries, parametric models etc. - The documentation Process: Assigning responsibilities of the documentation process to our engineering team as well as the client's team.​

  • Step 3 Setup Roles and Responsibilities: Define roles and assess training needs. Setup a process chart with roles, responsibilities, project schedule, training needs, handover, handshake time and resourcing.

  • Step 4 Trial and Tested Method: Run a few low-priority projects from low to medium complexity.

  • Step 5 Revisit: Revisit the plan and make changes after the trial, if needed.

  • Step 6 System Implementation: Effective and regular monitoring with the help of BIM efficiency monitoring tools. Increase in the complexities with increase in the efficiency level.

Building Information Modeling (BIM) Capabilities

This video illustrates the powerful capabilities of Building Information Modeling (BIM) to streamline the design process.


BIM seamlessly bridges gaps in communications between owners, architects, engineers, and contractors by giving visual representation of potential issues and allows for faster, more accurate resolutions.

ICM Contractors team will be capable of delivering all of the BIM requirements to meet your construction project desire success with real time access anywhere through our servers wherein you can able hold on a better vision control of your construction project.

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